With just a few warm sunny days the farm has beckoned her stewart to till the land and plant. The plows were well welcomed; turning the soft dark lome. The robins scurried about gorging themselves on the earth worms that abound. After plowing we worked the soil into seed beds, planting our Irish onions & red potatoes. Spinach, beets, carrots were also planted, and of course Snap Peas. With dusk pleading my retire, I looked back on a satisfying and productive day. Tomorrow: I plan on cultivating the garlic & spinach planted last fall for an early spring harvest. There is also still plenty of compost needing spred. The green houses are also brimming, no better time to transplant lettce in the field. Time is of the essense. The inspiration of one true farmer more than equals the robins joy of the 1st worm found in spring.