Snow may be on the pumkin, but that does not mean that our growing season has ended here at the farm, actually we have only just begun. This time of year we begin to plan our planting schedule for spring. Currently we are compiling & placing seed orders. Contracting minerals to boost soil fertility, carry out maintainence on our equipment so as to be ready to break ground mid March & update our data base. All of this nessessitates our attention now so come spring to embrace the new growing season.

 Also, now is the time to reserve your share of next years farm harvest through our CSA farm share program (info can be found on this web site) You can invest now to assure your share of our harvest and save with our early bird specials. Your investment in us today helps us save by our early ability to plan and purchase that which will support our organic operation for the 2012 season. Our 33rd as a grower here at our Greensburg area farm. Our eyes are now fixed on spring and the season of growing that lies ahead . Therefore we invite you to share in our anticipation either by sharing through our CSA program, or shopping the local Greensburg Markets come April. Regardless a new season will be fast upoin us.