These days “Farm Fresh” is all around as media buzz words. How many of us also have seen the signs “Farm Market”, only to realize the phrase is used to get your attention so you shop another huckster’s or grocer’s scheme to rob you of your hard earned food dollars. having Summer arrived you see many road side stands pop up selling ” Mellons, Lopes,& Corn”,when for us real growers those crops will not be ready till late July, August & September! The Commercial definition of “Local” as quietly perscribed by most commercial suppliers and roadside hucksters these days, means the produce can be picked up from a suppliers warehouse & delivered with in 24 hours of the destination site. So for example produce grown in the Delmarva region of the Atlantic shore of the USA can be sold as “Local” in Pittsburgh Pa.  Many “Farm Markets” in our area allow vendors to sell a large percentage of  products they have not produced themselves or that is truly in the neighborhood “Local”.

As  one of Greensburg’s few truly local farm & growers since our creation in 1979 we have strived to support truly “Producer Only Markets” and harvest all our products to be sold or distributed through our CSA straight from our organic fields right to  our community, our neighbors. The farm actually does not even have a cooler for storage, we haven’t needed it, and based on our direct distribution from field to consumer approach, more than likely never will.

A Tomato fresh picked from the vine always taste better than one sitting around awhile & especially better than a refridgerated one. The same holds true for all produce. Come see for yourself visit us at the farm markets sposored by the FMACW (Farmers’ Market Assoc. of Central Westmoreland) either Tuesdays at the Westmoreland Museum on Main Street 3-6pm, or Saturdays at Lynchfield Park in Greensbug 9-Noon.   Meet the real farmers & taste what “Really Local” is all about!!