We are an on farm CSA with several satellite delivery pick up hosts. Clients can volunteer, share in the  farm experience, and long term volunteer members receive dramatic discounts( Up to 1/3 off standard CSA prices!). Weekly share offerings based on seasonal availability. We accept Pa Farm Market Vouchers.

Food should be local, those who are truly health conscience know if you have allergies truly local raw honey is the best remedy to ease your symptoms. A Tomato tastes best & is most nutritious when just picked off the vine. Well, These truths are not just about honey or tomatoes…   Immediately harvested Local Foods as a whole are better for you; definitely fresher, and more in tune with your body in your local area. Products even that have traveled 3 hours to be delivered here are of a different dynamic, + the fact of storage, refrigeration, handling & shipping time all add to compromise of quality, all diminish the holistic living nutritional value of what is put into your body. Our in season  produce is always from our fields to your table in less than 24 hours from when it was still growing in the garden.

Even before USDA certified we were an established organic farm, even USDA is influenced by Monsanto & alike corporate greed; and thus , can be compromised. Also; we are all aware of the damage that plastics are causing to our environment, yet most “certified USDA” operations are heavily addicted to plastics as far as film mulches, covers, and packaging. Plastics do leave residue; yet, do to corporate influences & ease of operations plastics are permitted.  Our farm only uses hay mulches & natural practices in our operation now in it’s 40+ years of operation.

If interested don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll answer your question and can send you our CSA information packet & application. Limited availability , please email us or download our application today!

CSA Details:

Season: May through October
Type: single farm
Since: 1993
# of Shares: 150
Full Share: Email your mailing address to receive an Info.packet. This year we offer a 20 week share@ $585 & 24 week share@ $650.Deadline May 1st 2019 for New Applications ! Mailed applications receive discounts, it’s convenient just down load our application from this site
1/2 Share: Clients are permitted to split shares, community packages are also available. Contact for details.
Work Req? No: however, returning volunteers receive substantial discounts there 2nd year & there after.

Share holders can pick up their shares at the farm, or choose from one of our satellites located  in Latrobe, Murrysville, or create your own multiple share team drop site.  Check with us for further Information