The Season is now full underway with the start of our CSA(Community Supported Ag.) program! Much goes into being ready for today. Planning & Planting begins clear back at the beginning of the year when we develope the farm plan for the season& begin to recieve applications. by February we are filling the greenhouses with the plants organically raised needed. By mid March we are breaking ground and implementing a planting program which will last now through August.

Between the planting, weeding, & cultivating, the facility in our barn is returned from a winter repair shop, to a CSA facility ready for distribution of our CSA shares. There is book work involved as well as we calculate what is needed to fill shares as well as meet expectations of our share holders.

Today at 9am the member volunteers will arrive and help with the picking washing and packing of the harvest coming straight from the fields direct to the share holders and by tonight all will enjoy with their dinner this weeks fresh harvest.

In 2 weeks the short season members will also join us, as we share together the bounty of that in which we do hereon the farm, can bring!