We’re Open Thru Thanksgiving!!! 

 We’re planting & We’re Harvesting!

Our Saturday Farmers Market is now at

“All Saints Brewery” just up 119 @ the Traffic Light @ the Rosie town Crossroads Greensburg: Saturday Mornings and is open Now Thru Thanksgiving:  9am – Noon! Be There!


For CSA Membership, Share enrollment begin in December for 2024

  The barn display cooler also is available to purchase our Free Range eggs, “Whoa Nellie Milk”, and select other items during daylight hours

Saturday Farmers Market is @ All Saints Brewery,

Corner 119 & Rosie town Rd

9am-12noon April 29th – November 19th

 Thursday Market on Rt 66 3-6pm, Open now & moves to our barn in November  for Thanksgiving.

CSA distributions : 24 week shares Begin May 18th , 20 week shares begin June 1st 2023.

Our Free Range Eggs & other products are available year round in the barn. Our expanded glass display cooler is continually restocked .

Contact us about our Free Range meat Chickens. 

CSA Sign Up?:   2024 enrollment begins December 2023!

Compare: Our weekly CSA share value is one of the best! and one of the longest seasons in the area! Early sign up discounts apply!