CSA Begins today: May 17th 2012!

The Season is now full underway with the start of our CSA(Community Supported Ag.) program! Much goes into being ready for today. Planning & Planting begins clear back at the beginning of the year when we develope the farm plan for the season& begin to recieve applications. by February we are filling the greenhouses with the plants organically raised needed. By mid March we are breaking ground and implementing a planting program which will last now through August.

Between the planting, weeding, & cultivating, the facility in our barn is returned from a winter repair shop, to a CSA facility ready for distribution of our CSA shares. There is book work involved as well as we calculate what is needed to fill shares as well as meet expectations of our share holders.

Today at 9am the member volunteers will arrive and help with the picking washing and packing of the harvest coming straight from the fields direct to the share holders and by tonight all will enjoy with their dinner this weeks fresh harvest.

In 2 weeks the short season members will also join us, as we share together the bounty of that in which we do hereon the farm, can bring!

Farm Markets Open April 28th at Lynchfield Park—- CSA Application Deadline Extended till May 12th

Things are growing right along here at the farm. Just wanted to give you all a heads up about our opening market date of Sat. April 28th 9-12noon at Lynchfield Park  & May 8th at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Main Street Greensburg 3-6pm. Currently at the markets we have our vegetable bedding plants at great prices!, Fresh spinach, lettuce mix, radishes, green onions ,asparagus, eggs, & more so stop by. Our produce is picked that day& brought direct to you. Now That’s Fresh & Local!

   Also due to a late advertising issue with Edible Allegheny Magazine, we have extended out deadline for CSA sign ups till May 12th. First CSA  pick up is May 17th for 24 week shares , and May 31st for 20 week shares !

With March Brings Spring Greens & Things

With March we have seen a rebirth on the farm, as  in the green house many a young seedlings fill the beds, the chickens are laying, we have much honey on the shelf & by the end of the month spinach will be available! This year we will be opening early at the farm selling…

Early Spring: & Greenhouse filling Quickly: CSA Shares Now Available

With February now here; even if the ground hog went back to 6 more weeks of lounging, here at the farm we are now on our way. With in the next month we’ll fill the greenhouses brimming with the young plants which will eventually fill our fields. Our shop is busy with maintainence projects making sure our equipment is ready. By mid March the plows will be hitched and field turned & by April Spring Greens will be ready for our local patrons to purchase here on the farm. On our schedule for new projects we have incresed our laying flock, thus it became nessesary to install a new coupe & grazinng padocks. We are also working out the details of erecting several high tunnels as well as revamping our extisting greenhouse with a few well needed upgrades. There are still a couple of organic seed purchaes to be completed , as well we’re anticipating our organic mineral and potting soil alotments to arrive. Even if the snow does fly there is a lot going on here at the farm. As always we encourage you to share with our community, the only thing better than those 1st spring greens from the garden is being apart of the CSA community that sustains the farm which now celebrates it’s 33 year growing local & growing organic.